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Călătoriile Mele ”My Trips”

Călătoriile Mele ”My Trips” is a website of events, reservations and a travel agency.

Our mission is to contribute to the development of your business: we promote your unit, event, car or yacht and send you customer bookings.

For these we provide you


check-done.png An innovative platform, developed and based on the needs of partners. We emphasize transparency, it being important that the use of the site is as simple and easy as possible.

grow-scale.png Promotion of the unit permanently online and offline using the latest marketing methods on the market such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Newsletter, or collaborations with affiliated partners and travel agencies.

team-2.png A team of professionals: account managers, booking experts, marketing specialists together with a team of developers work dedicated to increase traffic and establish a long-term collaboration.

tickets.png My Trips is the leader in the holiday ticket market, so we offer you a well-defined system and processes for accepting each type of holiday ticket issued in Romania (Sodexo, Pluxee, Up, Edenred).

commission.png A commission-based booking system. We don't have a flat fee, you only pay a commission if we send you bookings.