A New Drone

My name is Adrian, I'm from Valea Jiului and as it happened with everyone, my birthplace was also the center of my childhood universe for me. That's why I want to tell through photos and videos the seen/unseen side of the Jiu Valley and Romania.
Imagine what it would be like to see the Danube Delta, the lakes, mountains and cities that surround you with spectacular 360° aerial panoramas, captured at the unique points in the country (UNESCO heritage sites or simply breathtaking nature).
In addition, the places I will pass through will be documented both through photos and through spectacular videography with frames that you will also enjoy, and through which I will show an unknown and new face of Romania.
I want to promote local tourism in Jiului Valley, County Tourism and National Tourism through this project.
This fundraiser is specifically used to purchase a drone and accessories that will be useful to me in this endeavour. I had a less professional drone that due to an anomaly lost its location and remained on the rocks at Scorota (Retezatul Mic) in the summer of 2023 (who was on that hike knows). We tried several times to recover the drone but it was in vain 😳.
The successful completion of the project will depend on each of us, and we will all be beneficiaries.
I am putting all the resources at my disposal, but given that financial resources are limited, I need your help to bring this bold project to fruition.
All those who support the financial project will benefit from the equivalent of the funding that will be deducted from the participation fee for the hikes that we will organize.
Thank you to all of you who have been and are with me and the people who follow us on our new web page My Journeys as well as the social Facebook groups Hiking Club, Hiking in Valea Jiului, Hiking in Hunedoara County and Hiking in Romania.
Thank you so much for your support!

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