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  What is a Local Expert?

The Local Expert is a passionate of his/her city that plans personalized itineraries for independent travelers taking into account the time they have, their tastes and preferences. For the planning you’ll obtain a percentage of the generated incomes.

  What shall I do?

The Local Expert has all the client’s information as well as the needed tools to create a personalized audio guide in a short time through the web. The plus of the itinerary is given from experience about the place suggesting corners, mostly off the beaten path, offering events being held in the planned dates and giving advice of places that only locals know.

  Can I combine with my daily routine?

Yes, the job does not require physical presence nor modifying daily habits. Every local Expert decides when to work.

  Which are the extra services?

It is only the Local Expert that indicates in his/her profile what extra services can attend. Extra services: chat (during the hired day and in a specific schedule the chat will be attended answering doubts or worries of the client), the welcome (consists of gathering 1 hour with the clients at the beginning of the trip to detail the planning of the stay), reservation of tables in restaurants, offering private guide service.

  Is the Expert Local’s leading figure legal?

Yes it is, there are no impediments of being up-to-date of the corresponding tax in your country. Making the service of personal guide will depend on your city’s regulations that in most cases is permitted if you are cut off from touristic areas

  When do we start?

If you are interested, you have to fill out the Local Expert’s application. If you seem to be good, we will be glad for you to take part of this big in-loved-with-their-city family.

  How do I upload products?

After you have registered as a service provider and your profile has been approved, you have access to the seller menu where you can add your offers

  How will I receive my payment?

Payments are made every month on the last working day. The condition is that the payment is greater than 500 RON. The payment will be made only when at least 500 RON has been accumulated in your account